Whom do we want to address?

LocArtista is primarily focused on women* but does not want to rule out anyone nor strives to be exclusive.

The asterisk * behind our gender terms is supposed to express that we not only want to address women, but also people who do not assign themselves to a binary gender identity such as “woman” and “man” (gender-fluide/non-binary).

LocArtista regards itself as a queer-feminist initiative. In our projects we focus on dissolving the discrimination of women*. Besides we step up against every other form of discrimination. This includes racism, classism and ableism.

On the days of the festival we welcome people of all gender identities. There will be unisex toilets and we will, if possible, encourage to clarify pronominal titles. For our party events we strive to provide awareness-teams to the best of our personnel abilities. 

Queer-feminist questions do not have any final answers. We continuously ask ourselves the question of whom we want to address. We look forward to entering into dialogue about that with other people and initiatives. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any further suggestions on actions that help making the festival safer and more including for everyone* – for example via e‑mail to locartista(at)riseup.net.