Whom do we want to address?

LocArtista is primarily aimed at women and inter, non-binary, trans or agender people, but does not want to exclude anyone or create exclusive spaces.

Sometimes we use asterisks * in designations. With this we want to express that we do not only want to address women, but also people who do not assign themselves to the binary gender identities “woman” and “man” (gender fluid/non-binary).

LocArtista sees itself as a queer-feminist initiative. In our projects we primarily refer to discrimination against women and inter, non-binary, trans and agender people. In addition, we step up against every other form of discrimination. This includes racism, classism and ableism.

People of all gender identities are welcome at the festival itself. There will be unisex toilets at events and we will, where possible, encourage to clarify pronominal titles. At party events we will try to provide awareness-teams, to the best of our personnel abilities. 

Queer-feminist questions do not have any final answers. We keep on asking ourselves the question of whom we want to address and how to do so. We look forward to entering into dialogue about that with other people and initiatives. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any further suggestions on measures that we can take to make the festival more inclusive and safer for everyone (e.g. via e‑mail to locartista(at)riseup.net).