LocArtista – Initiative for supporting female* artists and those who want to become one

Who are we?

LocArtista is an association of various female* artists and arty people based in Freiburg.

Why do we do this?

Cultural events in Freiburg are still characterized by heteronormative-male appearances. The visibility of women* on Freiburgs stages and local cultural events is remarkably low. LocArtista wants to encourage and demand from this point!

There already are many female* artists in Freiburg and there is potential – we are just wondering: Why do we see and hear so little of you? Why are you not shaping cultural life more actively?

What are our goals? How do we want to reach them?

LocArtista’s goal is to link female* artists and to motivate and enhance their visibility and audibility.

Through different events we want to give women* the opportunity to express themselves as doers and/or artists and to explore various arty areas. These events make room to meet and exchange; they therefore enable people with compatible interests to get to know each other and start new local projects together. Furthermore, we want to raise public awareness for the need of action in this issue.

Exhibitions, performances and workshops not only increase the appearance of individual female* artists – at the same time they show examples of the many diverse forms and ways for women* in culture and arts. This can and should be an encouragement to not hesitate any longer.

It is our goal to build a network in which female* artists (and those who want to become one) have the possibility to exchange and support each other so that Freiburgs cultural life will be shaped sustainably more equal and multifaceted.

What are our ideals?

For us it is important to achieve fair payment in possible extent for all female* artists who are involved in this project – this states an appreciation for their creative work. We make all reasonable efforts to facilitate inclusion and accessibility. As a matter of course, we reject all forms of violence and discrimination.

→ More about our ideals soon.

Whom do we want to adress?

Even though women* have priority in the line-up of our shows, workshops and in our organization team, we warmly welcome men* to participate in every event of our festival.

More about whom we want do address

Feel free to contact us!

Do you want to exhibit at LocArtista, get on stage, lead a workshop or participate in any other way? Or maybe you just want to talk an get to know other female* artists? We are looking forward to your e‑mail locartista(at)

For LocArtista’s upcoming events and current issues please have a look on facebook.