About us

LocArtista – an initiative supporting current and aspiring female, intersex, non-binary, trans and agender (FINTA) artists

Who are we?

LocArtista is an association of Freiburg-based artists and people interested in arts.

Why are we doing this?

Cultural events in Freiburg are still characterized by heteronormative-male appearances. The presence of FINTA people on Freiburg’s stages and at regional cultural events is remarkably low. It is precisely at this point that LocArtista would like to start changing things in a supportive and demanding way!

There are many FINTA artists in Freiburg and even more potential – we just ask ourselves: Why do we see and hear so little from you? Why isn’t cultural life shaped more actively by you?

What do we want to achieve? How do we want to achieve this?

LocArtista aims to aims to build a network of FINTA artists, to increase their visibility and audibility and to activate.

With various events we would like to give FINTA people an opportunity to express themselves as doers and/or artists and to explore various artistic areas. With these events, we create spaces for getting to know each other and for exchange. This allows people to find each other and new regional projects to develop. We would also like to raise public awareness of the need for action on this topic.

Exhibitions, performances and workshops do not only increase the presence of individual artists, but do also show what forms and paths there are for FINTA people in the arts. This can and should encourage people not to let themselves be put off any longer.

Our goal is to build up a network in which FINTA artists (and those who want to become one) have the possibility to exchange information and support each other so that Freiburg’s cultural life will be shaped sustainably more equal and multifaceted.

What are our ideals?

It is important to us, within the scope of our possibilities, to pay all participating artists fairly and by that appreciate their creative work. We make every effort to create inclusive and accessibile spaces, according to the given circumstances. We reject all forms of violence and discrimination.

→ More about our ideals soon.

Whom do we want to adress?

Despite the prioritization of FINTA people in line-ups, workshops and the organizing team, men are cordially invited to take part in all events of the festival.

More about whom we want do address

Feel free to contact us!

Would you like to exhibit at LocArtista, get on stage, lead a workshop or get involved in any other way? Maybe you just want to exchange ideas and get to know other FINTA artists? Feel free to contact us via email at locartista(at)riseup.net.

For LocArtista’s upcoming events and current topics, check out our facebook page or instagram.